Eyelid and Eye surface Conditions and Adnexal & Oculoplastic surgery, Epiphora and Blepharoplasty

At Moreton Eye Group we are able to treat a range of common eyelid and eye surface conditions. We can provide varied treatments in either one of our clinics or in the Moreton Day Hospital.

These include Blepharoplasty, entropion and ectropion repair, syringing and probing.

Epiphora / Watery Eye

Human Eye Irrigation system. Shown are the lacrimal gland, lacrimal duct, lacrimal puncta, lacrimal canaliculus, nasolacrimal duct, cornes, pupil and irisWatery eyes are a common problem, generally affecting babies and older people. A blocked tear duct is the most common cause but there are a number of other causes. You may not need treatment if symptoms are mild. An operation can usually cure a blocked tear duct. Other treatments depend on the cause of the eye problem.


A Blepharoplasty is an operation to remove excess skin and fat from your eyelids and to tighten your skin and soft tissues around your eyes. As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity (stretchiness) and gravity pulls down on the soft tissues of your eyelids, causing them to sag.

Excess skin in an upper eyelid can sometimes hang down low enough to interfere with your vision.

Sometimes a drooping eyebrow and forehead can make your upper eyelid look as if it is sagging.

Skin in a lower eyelid can lose its tone, sag and develop wrinkles, and appear puffy caused by bulging fat pads.

For an assessment of any of these conditions please contact us. To make an appointment with one of our Ophthalmologists, please click on the I’m a Patient link or call us on 07 3283 3488 to discuss the steps and cost for further diagnosis.

The procedures required for treatment of Epiphora (watery eyes) can generally be performed in our clinics dependant on the cause. Blepharoplasty is performed at the Moreton Day Hospital.

Our close working relationship with this state of the art facility means that your surgical experience will be seamless from clinic to hospital, ensuring the best medical outcome for your procedure. For more information on the Moreton Day Hospital and this surgery, including costs, please see the website or call the friendly staff on 07 3487 1111.