Moreton Eye Group has a dedicated Paediatric Clinic for children of all ages to help parents concerned about any eye condition. With over 25 years experience treating children, Dr Leslie Alexandra is a caring specialised Ophthalmologist who sees children to assess urgent or potential eye problems. The eye consultation includes an assessment of the vision and a check for any abnormality. It is always important to check for significant long sightedness (hypermetropia) or, less commonly, short sightedness (myopia).

To gain accurate measurements a drop has to be used to enlarge the pupil. The clinic has a Paediatric Orthoptist, Jo Kemp who assists Dr Alexander with testing the children.

Some conditions we could see with children are Strabismus, Ambyopia, Ptosis, Watery eyes, Keratoconus, Cataract, Optic discdrusen and Nystagmus.

For an assessment please contact us. To make an appointment with one of our Ophthalmologists, please click on the I’m a Patient link or call us on 07 3283 3488 to discuss the steps and cost for further diagnosis.